Silversands Poker on Tablet

Silversands Poker LogoAt the first glance, Silversands is a brand that has everything related to online gambling. Mobile casino, live casino, online poker, you name it.

Speaking of Silversands Poker specifically, it’s quite a popular gaming room for gamblers too. It has Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and multiple types of tournaments too.

In essence, everyone will find some like-minded poker players to befriend and play against on this platform. All you need is an account, which you can create for free and, of course, a device to play on.

And if tablet happens to be your favourite device for online poker, we definitely got a few words of advice below.

Can You Play Silversands Poker On a Tablet?

Yes! However, it might not be exactly what you’re looking for. See, Silversands Poker on a tablet is quite different from Silversands Poker on a desktop or a laptop.

The thing is, this platform is only available via a downloadable software, namely a software application needs to be installed on the device. There is no browser-based version.

As a result, you can’t access the poker room on a tablet via a browser either. It would require an app. Unfortunately, no such app exists, because the desktop application isn’t compatible with tablets and mobile devices.

Play Poker Via Silversands Casino

Despite all that’s been said, you can still play Silversands poker on a tablet, but a different kind of poker. We’re talking poker as an online casino game against the house rather than other players. In other words, it’s single player poker.

There are two types of it at Silversands casino, which you can play via your browser, no downloads required. The poker types available are:

  • Video Poker (at least 10 variations)
  • Casino Poker Games (Three Card Poker, Caribbean Hold ‘Em and Caribbean Stud)

Silversands Poker On Android Tablet

Silversands Poker mobile website is available and fully compatible with all Android devices. It doesn’t matter which device you use, what is the version of Android on that device or which browser you use.

Google Chrome is the best option, which you should try if another one fails. Yet, in general, all should load the site and the poker games just fine.

Silversands Poker On Windows Tablet

Devices using a Windows Mobile operating system are also completely viable options for playing at Silversands Poker.

Once again, we recommend Google Chrome as your browser to ensure that all games, whether it’s poker, video poker or even slots, run smoothly and just the way they’re supposed to.

Silversands Poker On iPad

To play poker on an iPad or iPhone, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Silversands mobile site
  2. Log in with the existing account (which you can create via the desktop app)
  3. Select a game, launch it and enjoy the action!

It is important to remember that your tablet needs to be running Apple iOS 5 or a newer version to run Silversands Poker properly. To ensure the smooth gameplay even further, Google Chrome is the best browser to date.