BetOnline Poker On Tablet

Betonline Poker LogoIn the world of technology and mobile devices, we have access to some of the greatest sources of entertainment at our fingertips. If you know how to play poker, there is an entire playground of real money poker on the Internet.

You can play live with other players from wherever you are in the world, at any time of the day. What’s better, mobile poker lets you take the game on the go.

That said, new players often struggle with figuring out where to play. Whether we are looking for a place to eat dinner or a place to play online poker, we naturally gravitate to popular places that thousands have gone before.

The BetOnline Poker app is trusted and frequented by tens of thousands of players daily. In fact, the online poker room has been around since 2011. It is just that the site has recently launched a new mobile app to meet its players needs.

This new app brings cash games, Sit N’ Go games and multi-table tournaments to players in the the United States as well as elsewhere around the world.

BetOnline Poker on Android Tablet – Simply Perfect

One of BetOnline’s biggest online platforms for Poker is Android. The team behind BetOnline has developed an Android app just for their players and this app can be found in the Google Play Store ready for download.

Right off the bat, we loved how the app was small in size. This means that BetOnline Poker’s app will only use a small percentage of your precious phone memory. Being an independent app for Android, it will not take you long to notice how responsive and smooth the whole gaming experience is.

Don’t even get us started on the ease and convenience that is brought to your fingertips via this app. Every aspect of the casino including games, banking and even customer service is just a tap away. We can only wish that the BetOnline Poker App existed on the other platforms as well.

BetOnline Poker on iPad – Stunning Interface

We are sorry to break it to you peeps, but BetOnline Poker does not sport an iOS app. Unlike Android players, those of you with iPhones and iPads can only access and play on BetOnline Poker in the browser of your devices.

Fortunately, the in browser gaming experience is as good as the Android app. The only downside is that you will have to log in to your account every time you start playing. Otherwise, you switch back and forth between devices and BetOnline Poker will remember exactly where you stopped playing.

Since you will be playing on browser, you will be treated with a better screen resolution. In our honest opinion, the browser utilises the stunning screen that the iPad has way better than the app. Besides, with a better resolution, more parts of BetOnline Poker is present on screen, making navigations extremely easy.

BetOnline Poker on Windows Tablet – Like playing on a desktop, but even better…

Betonline Poker TableOf all the mobile devices that we tested BetOnline Poker on, we dare say that BetOnline’s platform was most responsive on the Windows tablet. Compared to that of the App or on the iPad’s browser, we encountered the least lags and unwanted disconnects on our Windows tablet.

In its very own way, playing poker on a Widows tablet is comparable to playing on a full-fledged desktop, only with the added convenience and mobility.

On your Windows tablet, BetOnline Poker’s user interface is clean without any unnecessary distractions. There aren’t any glitches and the entire platform works like it was designed by a professional team. The core functionalities such as depositing and withdrawing is also hassle-free.

BetOnline Poker on Amazon Fire Tablet – Firefox and Opera to the rescue!

Similar to that of the iPad and the Windows tablet, there isn’t a standalone BetOnline Poker app for the Amazon Fire either. This simply means that you will have to use the browser on your Amazon Fire to play in BetOnline Poker.

As simple as this sounds, we encountered a major issue with this. Amazon Silk, the default browser on the Amazon Fire, does not seem to support BetOnline Poker very well. Compared to the other devices running Android, iOS and Windows, we experienced the most sudden disconnects and glitches on Amazon Silk.

If you have an Amazon Fire and want to play on BetOnline Poker, fear not — the world does not end here. In fact, there is a fix for this and it is simpler that you would have thought.

All you have to do is download another browser on your Amazon Fire and you are good to go. In our case, we downloaded both Firefox and Opera for Amazon Fire and our gaming experience on the Amazon Fire transformed into a flawless one.