History For Poker US Players

America, the land of the free… well unless the history of online poker has anything to do with. In the United States, online poker has a complex and long history. Back in 2011, the US government cracked down on poker US sites, making the game inaccessible to many players. Fast forward six years and the poker US market is slowly returning to it’s prime. New legislation has made it possible for poker US players to enjoy the game once more, and a new wave of online poker sites have launched. That being said, whilst it’s an exciting time to be a poker US player, it isn’t without it’s complications. Continue reading

America & The Online Poker Story

In a shocking move against online and mobile poker US lawmakers in 2011 moved to ban the game, and prevented all legitimate websites from offering the game as a playable option. The backlash was expected and inevitable, with many players and companies getting up in arms about the ban. Online poker US players found it beyond annoying to have the freedom to play poker taken away from them, and companies felt hard done by not being able to operate. In 2016, however, online poker US players were finally all able to enjoy the game they love once again for good. Continue reading