America & The Online Poker Story

While online gambling has found its home in the UK and Europe, in America it’s a different story, with far more regulation and red tape preventing players from enjoying all the gambling opportunities we have this side of the Atlantic. At least with poker US players have some outlet for their online gambling needs, with an increasing number of people able to access the game online.
The poker US players enjoy, though, comes from a much more limited number of outlets still, though, with it being a decision state by state whether players can access the game. So why is that in wanting to play online poker US users have to go to such lengths? There’s a long and complicated story, but we’ll try and make it short for you.

Fall Of Poker US

For a long time leading up to 2011, most people could play online poker in the US. The lack of regulation meant that, although not formally necessarily licensed in the country, if you wanted to play online poker, US residents were able to do so relatively easily by simply clicking over to the big sites we’re familiar with over here.
All this changed, however, on April 15th 2011 – a day that has come to be known as ‘Black Friday’ by internet poker US players – when a government crackdown on internet gambling made it explicitly illegal for these sites to operate in the country.
In this move against online poker US lawmakers made it almost impossible for players to enjoy the game they’d come to enjoy so much, and a whole swathe of citizens felt that their rights were being infringed upon due to their loss of being able to enjoy the game.
The rational for the crackdown was that it was hard to regulate, so to keep players safe it was banned, but most industry players believe that land-based casinos had a hand in lobbying the government to instate the crackdown.

Is There a Future for Poker US

For the best part of half a decade it was almost impossible for online poker US players to enjoy the game legally – with all of the big legit sites out of action – which far from protecting players, meant that they were actually at higher risk of being taken advantage of by unscrupulous and illegal sites which opened up to fill the void.
However, if the alcohol prohibition of the 1930s taught us anything, it’s that it’s impossible to stop Americans from doing something if they really want to, which is why it always seemed that a poker US revival was going to happen at some point.
The softening of legislation against the game has meant that it’s been possible to enjoy the game incrementally, with each state one by one making poker US friendly again. While some states introduced it as early as 2012, it wasn’t until 2016 that saw the big poker US rebirth, with now all players able to access and enjoy their favourite game.